Our film festival, The Golden Brick Competition (GBC), is an Annual Event that accepts 6 types of films:

  • Narrative Film

  • Experimental Film

  • Documentary Film

  • Animation Film

  • Web Series

  • Music Videos

   Any film in the GBC is considered a "TRIFF Official Selection", which is different than a "TRIFF Quarterly Official Selection". Films advanced from the Quarterly Competition are guaranteed a spot in the GBC in their respective categories (click for more details). We also accept direct submissions to the GBC. It is not necessary to advance from the Quarterly Competition in order to be accepted into the GBC. However, films rejected by a Quarterly Competition are not eligible for the Annual TRIFF competition at all, and must wait for the next year to submit again.


   All TRIFF Official Selections (except Web Series & Music Videos) are eligible for the "Best [...] Film" awards in their respective category of length. The categories of length are organized by running time: "Short", "Featurette", and "Feature". The Featurette--Length category is specific to "Best [...] Film": it includes any film "longer than a short" yet "shorter than a feature". All other awards may split into either Feature-- or Short--Length sections. Our film length requirements count & include all opening titles and end credits.

The following film lengths are as follows:


  • Short Film length: 0 -- 30 minutes

  • Featurette Film Length: 31 -- 60 minutes

  • Feature Film Length: 61 -- 180 minutes



  • Animation Short Film length: 0 -- 39 minutes

  • Animation Feature Film length: 40 -- 180 minutes

  • Documentary Short Film length: 0 -- 39 minutes

  • Documentary Feature Film length: 40 -- 180 minutes

  • Web Series episode length: 0 -- 30 minutes

  • Music Video video length: 0 -- 20 minutes

   First, understand only length--denoted awards regard running time; awards without "Short", "Featurette", or "Feature" in its title may award any film length. For example, both short and featurette Experimental Films compete for the "Best Experimental Film" award. However the short Experimental Film only competes in the "Best Short Film" category, while the featurette Experimental Film competes for "Best Featurette Film" category.

   Also understand that our Golden Brick Award disregards running time. For example, a 50--minute Documentary competing for the Best Documentary (Feature) also competes for the "Best Featurette Film" category due to its "31 -- 60 minute" running time. Subsequently, the additional "Best Featurette Film" category prevents over--crowded competition for "Best [...] Film" entries.


Our complete list of Annual Event Awards in the GBC are listed here.

Golden Brick Award

   Our most prestigious award recognizes one film that is a perfect blend of both Innovation and Inspiration: the two elements we seek to compete in our festival. All competing TRIFF films are eligible for the Golden Brick Award, including Web Series & Music Videos. The winner of this award will receive the annual GBC trophy, certificate, and award laurel for doing so.

Innovation Competition Awards

  • Best Neo--Style: this award credits a film that showcases a unique visual/audial experience including (but not limited to) unorthodox/unprecedented usage of sound/visuals in presentation, unique color palattes, original dialogue, etc.

  • Best New Medium: this award credits a film that utilizes new mediums for recording films including (but not limited to) mobile phone movies, GoPro movies, live--streamed movies, 360º movies, etc.

  • Best Genre--Bender: this award credits an unorthodox/unprecedented genre present in the submitted film.

Inspiration Competition Awards

  • Best Original Idea: this award credits the film with the best concept. There's no pressure on the execution, as long as the concept is strong and inspires the film.

  • Best Director's Hommage: this award credits the film that best captures the spirit of another director's style. This award does not credit imitation or copyrighting of other works, but rather subtlety in representation through dialogue, cinematography, or other means.

  • Best Period--Piece: this award credits a film whose setting is based in another time--period/reality. This award is not limited to realistic time--periods, but rather any futuristic/abstract setting.


As we outline briefly in our About TRIFF page, the Innovation Competition branch (or as we call "road") is an Official Selection separate from its twin: the Inspiration Competition.

  The Innovation road aims to admit films challenging mainstream movie tropes. Some examples of innovation may include: a unique director's style, an atypical hero depicted in stories, an unprecedented social topic or genre, etc.

  On the contrary, the Inspiration road aims to admit films influenced by previous works Some examples may include: a period-piece film, an adapted screenplay, a new take on an old genre, etc. 

  NOTE: Awards under the "Innovation" or "Inspiration" section are only available to those competing sections. For example, a film competing in the "Innovation" road is not eligible for any "Inspiration Competition" award.

   We allow/promote filmmakers to explain their choice--of--path upon submission; we want to know why submitters choose a particular path and how it relates to the submitted film. However submitters may only choose one road, which means they cannot submit to both roads. If a filmmaker feels that her or his film abides to both roads, TRIFF will ultimately decide in which branch it competes.

   We are also allowed to disagree with the submitter. If we find that a filmmaker advocates for one road, and TRIFF decides it belongs to the other road, we may redirect that film. If this happens to you, please understand it is ALWAYS with the intention of helping your film compete. We never aim to dilute the competition by switching around entries.


   If an Officially Selected film wins or is nominated for Best [...] Film in any Quarterly category, as well as any winner for Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, Best Writing, Best Music Video, or Best Web Series, that film is admitted to compete in the Golden Brick Competition (GBC), which is our Annual Event. The Honorable Mentions are not automatically granted the same spot, however, TRIFF may subjectively decide to advance an Honorable Mention forward. If this happens to you, your film does compete in the GBC as a "TRIFF Official Selection". We are excited to say we do not exclude advanced Honorable Mentions from the Golden Brick Competition. This is because an Honorable Mention may (or may not) be eligible for an Annual Event Award.

   We also note that a TRIFF *Quarterly* Official Selection is NOT a TRIFF Official Selection. Only films that are admitted into the TRIFF Golden Brick Competition (officially granted by the festival itself via email or otherwise) may advertise as such. We take this very seriously and ask that all TRIFF Quarterly Officially Selected films are promoted as such until otherwise notified. We denote the different competitions with different laurels, which are granted upon notification of a selected/awarded film.


Winning at the GBC results in a proper laurel(s), a certificate, a trophy (depending on the award), as well as Networking Opportunities at the event itself. We also promise to promote awarded films via our Social Media as an award--winning film.