The TWO ROADS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is based in New York City, where we believe that "great films are either innovative, reflective, or both". That without pushing boundaries or referencing inspiration, there is no layout for a stand-out, exemplary film. Thus, we provide "two roads" of competition for our submitters.

We require all TRIFF submitters to decide if their film has elements of "innovation" or "inspiration" baked into their movie. Regardless of the initial purpose/message of the film, we particularly accept new ideas or heavily-inspired works, however subtle those themes appear in a movie.



An INNOVATIVE FILM might be as simple as: including under-represented characters, realizing a new filmmaking process (i.e. a live-streaming iPhone movie), or inventing new visual styles. We don't want to use the word "unprecedented", but we like new exciting ideas. Anything that you, the filmmaker, consider new & cutting-edge would be eligible.

A NOSTALGIC (INSPIRATION) FILM might include: a black--and--white talkie--style musical, or a nostalgia--based 80's horror throwback film, or even a movie that is dipped in the style of your favorite director. Anything that you, the filmmaker, consider to be inspired by past films would be eligible.




Let's put it this way...

We're calling all Hitchcock Lovers, all 90s RomCom Renovaters! All Indie-budget head-turners and new-age tear jerkers. Calling all 1930s flashbacks, Black-and-White Silent Dramas with a touch of modernization. All Italian Cine-makers with a flare of French, all Indian Blockbusters with a Bollywood Rebellion. A film like nothing we've never seen, or a film we remember while seeing it. A re-make of a classic, a classic-in-the-making. The new & the old: "two roads diverge in a yellow wood", and you take whatever the hell you want.

We want you & your brilliant ideas.

Choose your path.