1. TWO ROADS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (TRIFF) accepts any film within our running time requirements denoted by the Quarterly Competition page or the Annual Event: GBC page.​​​​

    • We hold the right to re-direct any accepted film into a different branch (road)​​​ of competition that we see fit. (Please see our Selection Criteria here)

    • We have the right to reject any film that we find to be "unacceptable" to our subjective standard.

    • All submission fees are listed at the aforementioned "About" links in Term #1.

  2. Any accepted/rejected film will be notified via FilmFreeway and/or e--mail.​

  3. All competitions before the first Quarterly Competition in January/February, 2020, will be classified as a "Beta" Competition (more info here). The sole purpose of this denotation is to set a precedent that all future Annual Events accepts films beginning every New Year.

    • Any award--winning film via the Beta Competitions will be eligible for the first Annual Event (2020). In other words, the Beta Competition is a temporary event to launch TRIFF.​

  4. For the first year (including the Beta Competition), there is no requirement for the year of production.

    • Starting the year 2021, we only accept films completed after December 31st, 2019.

  5. There is no premiere requirement.

  6. All films must be submitted online through [FilmFreeway.com]. No screen deliverables.

  7. All non-English films must have English subtitles encoded upon submission.

  8. We do not discriminated against any country of origin, language, age, race, education, ideology, or by their economic resources.

    • However, we do not tolerate any distasteful & purposeless pornography/violence/racism/​misogyny/prejudice/plagiarism of any kind.

  9. How to participate in the Golden Brick Competition (GBC) Annual Event of any given year:

    1. A film that wins or is nominated for any Quarterly Best [...] Film Award, as well is a winner of Best Actor/Actress, Best Director, or Best Writing​ automatically advances to compete in the TRIFF Golden Brick Competition, and becomes a TRIFF Official Selection

      • No fee is required for an​ advanced film.

      • TRIFF ultimately decides if a film with Honorable Mention merit advances to the GBC.

    2. A filmmaker may submit directly to the GBC if he/she chooses not compete in the Quarterly Competition.

      • However, a filmmaker can only submit once a year.

      • A film cannot be submitted twice.

  10. We do not download film submissions from any links or 3rd party sites without request.

  11. We do not accept incomplete/unfinished works or proxy files.

  12. We do not accept films without proper music licensing (if applicable).

    • If TRIFF accepts a film without proper music licensing (for any reason), we hold the submitter responsible for all damages, claims, or financial liability.

  13. In order to be considered upon submission, all films must be available to view through FilmFreeways’s online screening interface.

  14. No fee waivers and no refundable entry fees.

  15. TRIFF has the right to use, advertise, and/or market submitted films using press kits, stills, clips, titles, trailers, synopses, or other media sourced from the aforementioned submission; such purposes may include (but are not limited to) displaying such information on the TRIFF website or Instagram.

  16. Submitters to all TRIFF competitions agree to indemnify and hold its employees, directors and representatives NOT responsible for any--and--all losses, damages, rights, claims, injuries and actions of any kind in connection with TRIFF.

  17. By submitting to our festival, you agree upon our Terms & Regulations.